The latest Ecommerce trends and creative tools to support newbies to TikTok

From the latest ecommerce trends to new feature announcements on Linked In and WhatsApp; we've rounded up the latest new developments in the social media world this week so you don't have to! 

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LinkedIn adds native video meeting option

LinkedIn is quietly rolling out a new, native video option within its messaging platform, which provides another way to connect with users, without the need to download a separate video app. 

In addition, LinkedIn is also developing several new features for its video chats including:

  • A calendar integration so that a scheduled meeting sends an email with an ICS to both parties
  • Allowing for messaging chat while you are in a video conversation
  • Screen sharing and virtual backgrounds

Instagram adds new examples of top brand creative to its professional dashboard element

Instagram is looking to help brands improve their posting approach by highlighting top examples of both organic and promoted posts from other businesses in the app, which may help to spark creative thinking and consideration.

The new element has been added to Instagram's Professional Dashboard, which it launched back in January, and is accessible within the app to those who have Business and Creator accounts.

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Building a business TikTok presence? Explore their 'Creative Solutions' guide

More and more Marketers are seeing the potential of TikTok with it's meteoric rise in popularity, TikTok have prepared a guide to support marketers in getting to grips with what works well on the platform as it is not likely that adapted content from other channels will really work....  

The guide includes notes on how to build authentic TikTok content, including specific tips on creative approaches and posting frequency.

Facebook Messenger calls and Instagram DMs get encryption...if you opt in!

Facebook announced this week that end-to-end encryption is coming to voice and video calls made in the Messenger app, effective immediately. However, you have to choose to activate encryption, meaning your calls will theoretically be vulnerable to data hijinks unless you opt in to this new feature.

What are the latest eCommerce trends? 

With Christmas only 132 days away - take a look at the key eCommerce trends from the year to understand how to maximise your seasonal sales.  73% of eCommerce sales will take place on a mobile this year - is your digital presence mobile ready?  This and more food for thought  in this research by Grazziti Interactive.

Executives are all in on social after a year of transformation

The events of 2020 put into sharp focus how critical social media is for an organization’s success. With much of the world in lockdown, businesses leveraged social media to maintain and nurture their connections with consumers. But social is more than a communication channel—and executives are recognizing just how powerful social media can be in driving business forward. See the full finding in this research report by Sprout Social

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