The best social media posts from the Indie Retail Best Small Shops finalists

Maybe* is delighted to be on the judging panel for the Indie Retail Best Small Shops Awards #bestsmallshops. Now in its fifth year, the awards celebrate the best in independent retail across the UK, with a special category recognising the most innovative retailer throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The winners will be announced in late November during a virtual awards ceremony. But in the meantime, let's look at some of the finalists and celebrate some of their best posts on social media.

Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights

Mr B’s is an indie bookstore in Bath which has built its business on recommendations.

What Mr B gets right is its personal touch. Team members are always on Instagram showcasing the latest reads, they’ve always got a smile on their face and they’re often seen having a laugh.

Get personal and be fun so people want in on your action. Your brand is you!

Shed1 Gin and Distillery

Local Ulverston gin brand Shed1 shared their visit from the local mayor commending them on their lockdown efforts to crowdfund making hand sanitiser.

Not only does the post feature some great socially distanced shots, but the post is loaded up with place-relevant hashtags and tags in the local council who are likely to engage with it, maximising the potential reach. 

Sweet Baby Cheezus

Sweet Baby Cheezus have a great sense of humour as their business name might suggest and this shines through in their posts

Food porn delights everyone and the business's Instagram feed is loaded with cheesy and chocolatey close ups that leave mouths watering.

Passion for their product and great humour come through in every post. They go hard on capital letters and emojis to add excitement and urgency while adding serving suggestions to keep the customers returning. 

TH Burroughs The Family Butcher

TH Burroughs is a third generation family butchers and deli in Swindon.

Its Facebook page is populated every day with the latest in-store delicacies and meats.

The team post recipe ideas, give regular updates on team members' birthdays and have their finger on the pulse of seasonal produce. They understand exactly what their customers want - this cheese advent calendar has caused quite the stir.

Passionate. Present and personal are the qualities that set this business apart on social media. They’re passionate about their product, always present online and incredibly personal. Reading their updates, feels like you’re reading an update from a friend, and that’s what you want to land if you’re a community business.

Elmy Cycles

Elmy Cycles is a local Ipswich bike shop.

They get social right by localising as much as they can. The posts are loaded up with shop local hashtags, support indie hashtags and place hashtags as well as industry-relevant ones designed to catch the attention of cycling enthusiasts.

Expert is their tone of voice, and introducing team members and their expertise is a great way of building trust and common ground with an audience.

The business also shows the love for its neighbouring businesses tagging in the local pub and restaurant it visited to welcome its latest team member.

How to replicate the techniques
Great social media content is human, so remember to be personal. Create content you know resonates with your audience. Whether you're inspiring them to curl up with a good book, feeding them tasty treats or fixing their bike for them, when you're personal and passionate, the audience will be too.

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