Social media help for Cotswold businesses to drive recovery

We’re delighted to be working with Cotswold District Council (CDC) to help local businesses increase their use of social media.

Maybe* has already helped 1000s of businesses accelerate their use of social media. This has proven to increase customer engagement, footfall and sales and is a critical business function.  Cotswold business Law and Co is already worked with Maybe* and has increased revenues by over £1000 per day. 

As part of the program, every business in the Cotswolds is invited to join the weekly webinars revealing what's working best on social media and learn how to replicate the success.

Each week the Maybe* team does a virtual " visit" of two UK towns - to reveal how independent businesses are winning at social media and show the steps that other businesses can replicate.

It's 45 minutes of expert insight with clear actionable guidance that any business can take away to improve their performance as well as access to tools that help them see what's working.

No matter where you are on your learning curve with social media you will see how you can make improvements that will help increase sales.

See you there! 

Cllr Tony Dale, Cabinet Member for Economy, Skills and Young People and Polly Barnfield, OBE. CEO of Maybe*

Cllr Tony Dale, Cabinet Member for Economy, Skills and Young People, said:

"The coronavirus and lockdowns have affected the way we shop and how consumers use social media to engage with our local economy using e-commerce.


The retail landscape is not going to stay the same. For our businesses to succeed and grow we’re all going to need to use digital skills and tools a lot more.


The Council are committed to helping rebuild the local economy, that’s why I’m pleased to announce we’re partnering with Maybe* to provide businesses in the Cotswolds with the tools and skills they need to succeed as more and more people do their shopping online. ”

Only 43% of UK businesses are currently active on social media

Data from the Maybe* platform has identified that since lockdowns the number of businesses active on social media has dropped to 43% nationally and as low as 5% in some towns.

This is despite the number of consumers active on social media increasing dramatically. Those businesses that are embracing social media to engage with customers and other traders are recovering from the pandemic faster while building loyalty and sentiment with their customers.

Maybe* has already helped thousands of businesses including Stow-on-the-Wold and Cirencester-based clothing boutique Law & Co which increased sales by 110 per cent and returning customers by 73 per cent, within 1 month of using the platform.

Data showing Businesses active on social media

Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO of Maybe* said:

“This has been an incredibly challenging year for small businesses and we’re delighted to welcome them into Maybe*.


By harnessing the social media tools within our platform, they can increase customer retention, boost footfall and ultimately drive sales. This benefits not only the individual businesses but also the town as a whole.”

Re-watch the best in social from across the Cotswold's towns

Join us every Wednesday for our "What's working best" social media insights webinars featuring the Cotswolds towns

For more information on support and advice available from CDC visit their website.

Join us every Wednesday for our "What's working best" social media insights webinars