Support local businesses with free social media conversations from Maybe*

Maybe* loves a freebie almost as much as we love to support local businesses, so we have added several hashtag conversations to the Maybe* platform, accessible to everyone, for free.

The conversations are all relevant to supporting small businesses and promoting UK towns and cities, plus they are all conversations that businesses and shoppers are currently using when talking online about shopping locally and what places offer. By adding these free conversations to your Maybe* profile you can listen and engage with customers and other retailers and fly the flag for supporting independent and local business whilst also reaching more customers. It's win-win!

How to support local businesses with your free conversations

The following hashtags are ready for you to engage with across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram within Maybe*:


So you can also add, listen and engage with all of these conversations for free, all in one place, in the Maybe* platform.

How to get your free conversations and engage with them using Maybe*

Here are some examples of these hashtags in action . . .

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