Spooky season takes over TikTok while Instagram Video hits screens

Instagram Video finds its way onto screens worldwide in this week's social media round up. On top of that TikTok has come over frightfully spooky in the run up to Halloween.

With so much going on in the world of social media each week, it can be hard to keep up. Worry not, we’ve got it covered for you and have collated some of the recent top social headlines.

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Instagram Video hits screens as IGTV and Instagram feeds merge

Instagram has ended its separate IGTV branding with the introduction of ‘Instagram Video’ - a merging of the longer form IGTV format with feed videos, with the aim of making it easier for people to discover new video content.

instagram video

More from Instagram here.

All treats, no tricks: TikTok’s Halloween insights for brands

Are you ready for TokTober? TikTok have released their latest engagement insights - all about Halloween! With (not so) scary stats on everything from consumer behaviour to the top Halloween-themed hashtags, they’re well worth delving into when it comes to learning how best to eerily engage your customers this spooky season.


Click here for TikTok’s blog, if you dare!

Reels join the Instagram Marketing API

With usage of Instagram’s Reels feature expanding at a rapid rate, Facebook has decided to add Reels advert placements into Instagram’s Marketing API, which is sure to be a popular move with brands and businesses worldwide.

From Facebook: ‘We now allow for Reels Ads placements on Instagram via the Instagram Marketing API. This will be available on all current Marketing API versions, and does not require an upgrade.’

instagram video reels

More from Facebook here.

Twitter tests a chronological feed of latest Tweets

Twitter has begun testing a new option that will make it easier for users to switch across to a reverse-chronological timeline of tweets from the profiles that you follow, after years of requests from users. Folks using the test version will be able to swipe between "Home" and "Latest" on the Home tab to choose which Tweets they see first.

On the Internet every minute

It only takes a minute to… well, quite do quite a lot actually! On the internet, that is. Take a look at this incredible ‘Data Never Sleeps’  infographic from Domo, which shows how much data is generated every minute online.

Data Never Sleeps Infographic by Domo

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