Social media this week: new Ticketed Spaces on Twitter and Microsoft Teams for family

With constant updates in the world of social media, we know how hard it can be to keep on top of everything. We have done the hard work for you and pulled together some of the key social media headlines from the past week.

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Ticketed Spaces are coming to Twitter

Twitter users will soon be able to set up a Ticketed Space by going through the Spaces process as normal, then scheduling the event for a future time. The creator will then be able to select a ticket quantity for the Space and set a price. Creators will take home 80% of any earnings from ticket sales, after app store fees.

Read more about this new feature here.

Twitter Spaces improves co-hosting

Twitter Spaces is improving its co-hosting features, including adding two co-hosts and the ability to speak, pin tweets, and approve/invite/remove speakers!


Microsoft Teams launches for friends and family

Microsoft has launched the personal version of Teams. The service is almost identical to the Microsoft Teams that businesses use and it will allow people to chat, video call and share calendars, locations, and files easily. Microsoft is also continuing to offer everyone free 24-hour video calls for up to 300 people.

Read more here.


Add pronouns to your Instagram bio

Did you know that you can now add your pronouns to your Instagram profile?


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