Social Media Course UK: DRIC

The impact your social channels can have your business are enormous. From footfall to ticket sales, social media can drive the right customers to your business and help you achieve your goals.

If you're interested in the impact your social media content has on your business and how you can improve your strategy, join us for our social media workshop for Gloucestershire business owners and staff.

Polly Barnfield, CEO of Maybe* will be leading the programme. With a huge amount of social media experience and voted one of the top 100 women in UK Tech, Polly will enable you to gain valuable insights snf take your social media strategy to the next level.

She will be supported by a team of social media experts who will be on hand to provide one-to-one help throughout each session.

Course agenda

  • Overview of social media
  • The impact of social media
  • How this affects your business
  • Benchmark your social media performance
  • What you  should do to improve your performance
  • Ongoing support

Oct 9th - Social Media Course UK DRIC, 9am- 12pm - Free

Oct 9th - Social Media Course UK DRIC, 3pm - 6pm - Free