Podcast: The importance of using social listening to learn

Polly Barnfield, OBE, CEO and Founder of Maybe* recently joined author Michelle Carvill on the 'Get Social - The Connected Leader' podcast to discuss the importance of listening to your customers on social media and how it can impact your business. 

Michelle Carvill interviews business leaders around the practicalities of how, in this hyper connected digital age, they are embracing digital technologies to tune in and connect and communicate.

During Polly's episode, they discuss how organisations can learn by listening and the importance of listening to both internal and external audiences. 

Polly highlights that there has to be a transformative shift in the way people think about social media. "If you listen, you can connect in extraordinary ways because suddenly you meet somebody and you can talk to them in a way that you could never do before. If you use social listening well you can connect with your customers and reduce timescales."

"Social listening is not something you give purely to the team that is running social media, listening is something you give to everyone in the organisation because they've all got a job to do."

Polly Barnfield, OBE, CEO and Founder of Maybe*.

Listen to the full podcast at Carvill or Spotify.

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