New social media regulations and WhatsApp’s shopping button in the latest social media news

With so much going on in the world of social media each week, it can be hard to keep up. Worry not. We’ve got it covered for you and have collated some of the recent top social headlines including new and improved social media regulations at Twitter.

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New social media regulations

The regulation of social media has long been a divisive topic. A new report has put forward a collection of ideas that its authors say could end the "informational chaos that poses a vital threat to democracies".

One of its suggestions is that social networks should be required to release details of their algorithms and core functions to trusted researchers, in order for the technology to be vetted.

It also suggests adding "friction" to online sharing, to prevent the rampant spread of disinformation.

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New report predicts that TikTok will surpass one billion users in 2021

According to app analytics provider App Annie, big things are predicted for TikTok. In its predictions for 2021, App Annie says that TikTok will exceed one billion users over the course of the next year.

App Annie also notes that TikTok saw the second-highest consumer spend among non-gaming apps in Q3 2020, which underlines its earnings potential.

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 WhatsApp adds a shopping button

Similar to the 'shop' options on Instagram and Facebook, the WhatsApp shopping button allows you to select items and tap through to make a purchase. 

As explained by Whatsapp: “We're making shopping on WhatsApp even easier. Now you can easily discover something you'd like to buy from your favourite business by tapping on the new shopping button at the top of chats.”

WhatsApp on Twitter

Twitter's working on new warnings for likes of Tweets which include disputed claims

As Twitter continues to improve its social media regulations add warning labels to tweets which make potentially untrue claims about the results of the US Election, and the voting process, it's also apparently testing some new warnings which expand on the current pop-ups when users attempt to re-tweet a disputed update.

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Instagram redesigns its home screen for the first time in years, adding Reels and Shop tabs

Instagram’s making major design changes to its home screen for the first time in years. The company announced that it’s adding Reels and Shop tabs to its home screen.

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