Nearly 100 hot topics to inspire your social media content this June

June brings us lots of hot topics, mainly about food and a tipple or two. You'll hear no complaints from us. So lots of social media fun to be had this month and great causes to spread the word about too...

#NationalSmileMonth runs until the 15th June, so why not fill your feeds with some fun content while raising awareness for an important cause. June is also #PrideMonth and #NationalAgeWithoutAnApologyMonth  - can you incorporate any of these themes into your content throughout the month? Topics such as these see lots of conversation online, so are great ways to engage your audience, create some fresh content and reach new people too.

Social media content ideas for June 2023

June 2: A day to celebrate the nations favourite dish! So share your culinary delights and tempt your customers out for tea. #NationalFishAndChipDay

June 3: A day all about celebrating the humble egg. So get sharing your egg-citing culinary delights, and let's create a social media egg-travaganza. Enough egg puns? OK, no more we promise... #NationalEggDay

June 4: Hug Your Cat Day, sometimes referred to as National Hug Your Cat Day, is an unofficial holiday and the perfect excuse to cuddle your furry companions. Oh, OK then - if we must...  #HugYourCatDay

June 5: World Environment Day focuses on environmental concerns ranging from pollution to global warming and sustainable food production to protection of wildlife. Every year there is a new main focus, and this year it's solutions to plastic pollution. #WorldEnvironmentDay

June 8: A day to raise awareness of the importance of our oceans and the role they play in sustaining a healthy planet. #WorldOceansDay

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There's nearly 100 ideas for June

June 10: The second Saturday in June is a day to celebrate all things gin, to tempt your customers with your gin creations. #WorldGinDay

June 15: Beer lovers unite to celebrate Britain's national alcoholic drink and help us spread beery love throughout the lands. Cheers! #NationalBeerDay

June 17: A whole week to celebrate wines from the UK, so spread the word about what you offer via your socials. We're just wondering how many wines from the 577 vineyards across the UK we can try in a week... #EnglishWineWeek

June 30: A day to celebrate social media's impact on global communication, and a great reason to create some interesting content. Why not share your most interesting story about social media, maybe your best post, biggest sale or most notable achievement. #SocialMediaDay

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