LinkedIn introduces Clubhouse rival and stickers for Fleets in the latest social media news

Sometimes it feels like you need to hold on tightly to your hat in the world of social media - it changes so fast! Fret not guys, we’ve got you covered. We’ve collated some of the recent top social headlines from across LinkedIn, Twitter and the social universe.

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LinkedIn confirms it’s working on a Clubhouse rival

Clubhouse’s list of competitors is growing. LinkedIn has confirmed it’s also testing a social audio experience in its app which would allow creators on its network to connect with their community. 

Unlike the Clubhouse rivals being built by Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn's audio networking feature will be differentiated because it will be connected with users’ professional identity, not just a social profile. 

Instagram expands IGTV ads to the UK and Australia

After launching an initial test of IGTV ads with US creators in May last year, Instagram has now announced an expansion of the program, with selected creators in the UK and Australia now eligible to activate ads on their IGTV uploads.

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How to create Facebook video ads people will watch

Want more people to watch your video ads? Wondering how to create video ads that look like native, organic content?

In this article, you’ll learn how to create Facebook video ads that feel like organic news feed posts.

Facebook introduces new option to slow down comments within Groups

This is interesting - Facebook has added a new option within Groups which enables admins to slow down comments on a specific Group post. This could help to ease tension and angst amid increasingly heated debates.

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Twitter now lets you add stickers to Fleets

Twitter is adding stickers to its ephemeral, Snapchat Stories-like Fleets, the social media company announced on Wednesday. Stickers are available for users on both Android and iOS.

Read more here from The Verge.

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