Lessons from Retail Transformation Live: Collaboration, community, communication

Last week Oliver Banks responded to the cancellation of one of many industry and networking events by creating his own online alternative Retail Transformation Live.

Maybe* was proud to partner with the event and we were delighted to connect to many retailers and thought leaders trying to get a jump on what the retail industry will look like in the coming months and years. Crises such as these often spark innovation and rapid change in the way things are done. While times are tough, using this time to get creative, collaborate and share ideas is time well spent.

Watch the replays from the event

Maybe* spent the day listening and learning from experts, as well as contributing to a panel discussion, the highlights of which you can read here. But most importantly we wanted to use the day to identify the most common challenges and pain points businesses and anyone involved or interested in the future of the UK’s retail industry or High Streets are facing now, and need to solve for in the short term future.

Three key themes emerged - collaboration, community and communication

Over the coming week we’ll be sharing some of the pain points we’ve identified as well as our thoughts, and the data we have access to that could be used to spark solutions.

Based on the sessions from experts including Ian Shepherd, Clare Bailey, Andrew Busby and Steve Dennis,  we’ll be exploring:

  • How should competitors be collaborating with one another at the moment.
  • How businesses can better collaborate internally to drive their change and transformation agendas
  • How to encourage collaboration across BIDs, landlords, retailers and place-makers
  • How “big” retailers can become part of a community conversation?
  • What retailers can learn from SMEs who are acting more nimbly in their communities?
  • How businesses should utilise and communicate with their internal communities and employees
  • How supermarkets are nailing the art of learning about essential communication only
  • What should non-essential retailers be communicating if at all at the moment?

In the meantime, if you are looking for inspiration and a guiding hand in the right direction. Maybe* is providing free business resources and webinars to support you during this time. Check out our COVID-19 help centre for tips on staying connected via social media, and managing your business remotely.  Sign up to Maybe* and stay connected to your customers on social media.