Instagram Lite app launches in the latest social media news

With the world of social media changing at such a fast pace, it can be hard to keep up to speed. Well, worry not. Here's your round up of what's new in social media, from Instagram Lite to Twitter Spaces.

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Instagram Launches Revised Instagram Lite App

Facebook has announced that its revamped Instagram Lite app, which enables users in low connectivity regions to utilise most of the features of Instagram, will be made available in 170 regions.

Twitter to launch Spaces to everyone

Twitter is planning to launch Spaces (the audio chat rooms that the social network recently launched to compete with the similar Clubhouse app) to everyone.

While users can both join and talk in existing spaces, Twitter is trying to get the product into a state where anyone can host a Twitter Space.

New tools to promote kindness on TikTok

TikTok is rolling out two new features. The first feature gives creators more control over the comments on their videos. Creators can decide which comments will appear on their video and have the option to approve comments that are displayed.

The second feature prompts people to reconsider posting unkind or inappropriate comments, reminding users about the Community Guidelines and allowing them to edit their comments before sharing.

Instagram is testing a ‘Captions’ sticker for Stories

Alongside Instagram Lite, Instagram is currently testing out a new ‘Captions' sticker for Stories. The feature will enable auto-caption videos for your Stories in a range of styles. While it is only in the development stage, it is an exciting step for Instagram.

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