How to connect the retail journey through conversation

Connecting with customers through conversation can deepen loyalty, drive sales, and help make real-time product decisions. Many businesses and organisations are looking to connect the online and offline customer experience through conversation, which is why the Maybe* platform makes this a seamless process. Understanding the power of conversation to change sentiment, redirect complaints, understand customer demand, and more is powerful.

Here’s what the industry is saying:

According to Erica Sweeney from RetailDive, “brands thrive when they merge mobile and physical experiences”. Digging deeper into this point, Erica shares research that shows  “Nearly 70% of shoppers look at product reviews while shopping in-store” and that “encouraging customers to check out content created by others while in the store increases the likelihood of a sale and also promotes social sharing” - all functions the Maybe* platforms delivers with ease.

In this article from Forbes.com, Steve Dennis shares his often cited opinions about the future of offline retail. Brace yourself: by 2025 offline will still make up 80% of all sales.

“Not too long ago it seemed like e-commerce was going to eat the world. Pundits, equity analysts and venture capital seeking entrepreneurs alike declared the death of physical retail. Many even predicted online shopping would surpass 50% of all retail sales by 2025 (spoiler alert: it will be lucky to break the 20% mark by then).”

- Steve Dennis, Retail strategy and Innovation Advisor

Data from Forrester shows that digital influence will affect 46% of all offline purchases by 2021, and this is a sentiment that Steve Dennis echoes this article titled The Reinvention Of Retail Demands New Metrics.

Retail brands as diverse as Target, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus indicate that more than 60% of physical store sales are influenced by a digital channel. Data from Deloitte not only bears this out more broadly but also affirms the rapid pace of change.

If you haven’t yet joined the conversation, you’re missing out on connecting with your customers and delivering the seamless, online and offline experience they’re increasingly demanding.

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