How the #WDYT campaign helps independent retailers master social media

The #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign was started by Maybe* as a way to support our local high streets and is now being extended to any SME that has less than 5,000 followers on social media.

Currently, up to 78% of high street retailers don’t have an active social media presence.  Contrast this against the fact that 74% of offline purchases that are influenced by social media, and the problem is apparent.  

Launched in 2015, the #WDYT campaign has worked with local high streets, high street retailers, BIDs, LEPs, and councils to offer education and support in getting local businesses online and active in social media.

“The best bit is that the #WDYT campaign has delivered mainly new business, not existing customers. That’s what excites me".


Sophie Scarrott, Owner of Keith Scarrot Shoes.

Benchmarking social media performance

Delivered through the Maybe* platform, the campaign gives unlimited access to social media training and calculates the Social Media Rank of 160,000 businesses locations in over 1,300 towns and cities. This allows businesses in any location to benchmark their social media performance.


Cheltenham’s Social Media Index showing the top ranking businesses in their town. Where do you rank in your town or city?


The Social Media Rank based on location benchmarks 1,300 city and town’s social media performance against each other. Where does your town or city rank?

Access to social media training and webinars

To help businesses, organisations and locations increase their rank, the #WDYT campaign provides unlimited access to social media training and webinars.

With 150 support articles on how to get online and how to see success, the #WDYT campaign takes the large concept of social media and breaks it into daily, actionable pieces that deliver results. Articles include subjects like:

Customer success stories

High streets are not dead. Rather, technology can be used to improve the high street experience and deliver both footfall and sales.

Here are some other recent success stories from our #WDYT campaign:

"The results of the campaign in Stafford, the key has got to be the increase in footfall. For the past 15 weeks our footfall has increased week after week after week. Which in this challenging climate has been amazing.”


Lisa Clemson (centre), Stafford Town Centre Partnership

This targeted approach helps towns and cities make informed, evidence-based decisions on how to invest in their high street experiences. The Maybe* platform provides this service to all UK BIDs and councils, helping them to support their local retailers.

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