John Lewis is rethinking their customer journey – our industry roundup

"Do I believe in shops? Absolutely,"  But Paula Nickolds, the latest MD at John Lewis and the first woman to ever hold the post, isn’t looking to continue with business as it has been.

Looking at the need to connect the online and offline experience is something Maybe* is well versed in. No longer are customers content with two separate experiences: shopping online and shopping offline. Today’s customer expects one seamless journey, from interactions on Facebook through to the emails they receive and the messages they receive in store, everything must connect seamlessly.

Paula Nickolds is taking this to heart with a new model that has John Lewis focusing on the “catchment area” of sales rather than whether purchases were made online or in shops.

In an article published by BBC News, Paula Nickolds shares her thoughts on the merger of the online and offline experience and how she’s reimagining the store’s experience in light of challenging retail times.

"The era of channel [either online or store] is over. What we're really embarking on now is a world, where for consumers, channels are completely merged and we need to think that way...”

"...when I'm talking about reinventing the department store, I'm not talking about physical space, I'm talking about the holistic provision of services that a department store can provide.”

- Paula Nickolds, Managing Director, John Lewis


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