Halloween and seasonal campaign inspiration makes the social headlines

A spook-tacular update this week, from LinkedIn dark mode, to running a Halloween social media campaign and lots more. It can be a little scary trying to keep up with the world of social media, so we’ve got your back and have collated some of the recent top headlines.

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LinkedIn is rolling out dark mode globally; here's how to turn it on

LinkedIn is rolling out dark mode worldwide on Monday, giving its more than 774 million members the option to browse the business-oriented social network with white text on a dark background. 

LinkedIn said dark mode, through colour and contrast, is meant to cut down on eye strain and help people who are sensitive to light (though evidence of its potential benefits hasn't been conclusive). The company said it also designed the display option to make text easier to read. Dark mode, often used in low-light conditions, could also help save battery life. 

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How to run a Spook-tacular Halloween campaign on social media

Halloween marks the start of a major end-of-year sales period.

Major shopping events, like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Christmas, all follow Halloween, so this spooky season is the perfect time to start creating engaging social content that captures the attention of your audience, ready for the beginning of the end-of-year holiday period.  

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Instagram is testing a select broadcast audience feature for livestreams

Instagram is testing a select broadcast audience feature for livestreams, where you can ‘practice going live’.

Pinterest tests new full-screen, vertical scrolling feed for pin discovery

It seems that Pinterest is the latest social media app looking to lean into the TikTok-inspired trend of a scrolling, vertical feed of content, with a new ‘Watch’ mode being tested for Pin discovery.

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Instagram is testing new ‘Favourites’ to bring order to your chaotic feed

You’re on Instagram looking for your best friend’s daily dog update, but you have to scroll endlessly through a sea of posts you care little about, and probably forget what you’re looking for in the first place. After a few extra annoyed scrolls, you close the app in frustration.

It seems Instagram is well aware of your plight, because it is quietly testing out a solution for your messy feed called “Favourites.”

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