February’s hottest topics on social media

With 65 scrumptious suggestions for February, it's a month mainly about food... and love. Love and food. All good for us.

February 5: Go nuts showing off your culinary Nutella creations on World Nutella Day. (okay okay, we'll eat Nutella all day if we must). #WorldNutellaDay

February 7: Celebrate how inspiring social media can be on Reclaim Social Day. Get involved by sharing your stories of impact; thank someone who makes a difference to you or your community, or perhaps share tips on how we can reclaim social for good. #ReclaimSocial

February 7: Show your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them on Send A Card To A Friend Day. A small gesture that could make their day; why not post a card online to your customers telling them how much they mean to you? #SendACardToAFriendDay

February 9: Get a pizza the action on National Pizza Day. Tempt those taste buds by sharing your cheese-topped delights. Can you invite your followers to share their favourite toppings? Pineapple or no pineapple, that is the question... #NationalPizzaDay

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There's over 60 ideas for February

February 14: Is of course Valentine's Day, so tell the world about the wonderful gift ideas and treats you offer that could make Valentine's Day even more wonderful for that special someone. Or perhaps you could spread the love by sharing your favourite local businesses throughout the day. #ValentinesDay

February 20: Take a moment to paws today (see what we did there), to show your love for our little furry friends. Whether you're a cat or dog lover or you've got a family of chimpanzees sharing your home, today's the day to spoil them even more than usual. And post pics onto social of course. #NationalLoveYourPetDay

February 28: The end of the month marks the start of Cyber Scotland Week, which draws together events across Scotland designed to make businesses, organisations and individuals more cyber aware. Why not get involved online... #CyberScotlandWeek

#BoostYourSelfEsteemMonth runs for the whole month, so get spreading the love, as does #BlackHistoryMonth and #LGBTHistoryMonth - can you incorporate any of these important themes into your content throughout the month? Perhaps share a roundup of your favourite Black-owned businesses, signpost to your top LGBT content creators, or share some tips on self-care and how to boost self-esteem?

The 2023 Social Media calendar

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Never miss a day that matters to your customers

Never miss a day that matters to your customers