A guide to managing communications during National Mourning

Following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II you may be wondering how best to communicate with your customers on social media, if at all. The UK Government has published guidelines that may help you adapt your communications during the period of National Mourning which is in place until The Queen's funeral on Monday 19th September. In addition the Department of Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) Retail unit have circulated a visual toolkit containing appropriate visuals for screens, social media and window displays that you may wish to download and use.

National Mourning is a period of time for reflection in response to the demise of the Sovereign, or other member of the Royal Family or a very prominent person in national life.

The Government has published a guide that is intended to provide the public, businesses and institutions with an explanation of national mourning, and outline some practical advice on how you or your organisation may wish to observe public mourning during this period.

Regarding communications there are no specific rules. Mourning is personal and it's expected that organisations and communities may want to mark Her Majesty’s passing in their own way. There is no expectation on the public or organisations to observe specific behaviours during the mourning period.

Read the complete government guide here.

BEIS visual toolkit for retailers and organisations

The BEIS have created a visual toolkit for partners, businesses, trade organisations, ALBs and the public sector during this time of mourning to show the country speaking with one voice of unity. If you feel it appropriate, please feel free to display the EIIR cypher on websites, social media profiles, digital screens, and shop windows, where ever possible. Between now and, more specifically, on the day of the state funeral. The visual toolkit can be downloaded here.