2022 eCommerce trends for online retailers revealed

From the top 10 eCommerce trends for 2022 to the latest on Facebook enhancements for video creation and getting personal with your customers. We've rounded up the latest new developments in the social media world this week so you don't have to! 

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Top 10 eCommerce trends for online shopkeepers

Looking for inspiration for your online store? Check out the 10 top eCommerce trends as researched and summarised in this infographic shared this week by Red Website Design.

New tools for Facebook video creators

Facebook is integrating Vimeo’s video creation platform ‘Vimeo Create’ into Facebook Business Suite. Expect even more support to help businesses create great video for their feeds and stories as well as their advertising.

Latest survey supports the benefits of User Generated Content for social media

The majority of survey respondents indicated that user-generated content (UGC) resonates as the most authentic, with nearly 80% saying UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions. This makes UGC 8.7x more impactful than influencer content, and 6.6x more influential than branded content in consumers’ eyes​. We expect to see UGC continue to be one of the eCommerce trends you'll want to get on board with.

Check out the full data report from Stackla

Facebook shares it’s vision for a new era of personalised experiences

People’s preferences for how they want to talk with companies are evolving. In this digital era, 75% of adults globally say they want to communicate with businesses via messaging, in the same way they communicate with friends and family. Facebook considers what this means for their suite of apps.

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