Why customer content is an essential social media tactic

The benefits of resharing customer content as part of your social media content strategy can not be underestimated. Not only is it an easy win for you to save time creating your own posts, but it also gives you the opportunity to engage with customers. Your customers will love the opportunity to be featured on your feeds and showing them the love is likely to earn you their loyalty. Furthermore customers are waaayyy more likely to appreciate positive endorsements from people like them, than simply believe you.

Here we show you two completely different businesses who have nailed using customer content, or user generated content as you might hear it called.

The Little Green Sheep's adorably cute customer content

The Little Green Sheep was born in 2007 from a simple idea. To provide the very best for babies! Their journey started with mattresses  after the shock discovery that nearly all baby mattresses are made using synthetic materials and are treated with fire retardant chemical sprays! So with their ‘best for babies’ ethos in mind, they set about creating the UK’s very first certified organic baby mattress... and The Little Green Sheep was born!

The Little Green Sheep knows that other customers are their biggest advocates. They know that new mums are excited, nervous and looking for the best recommendations as they find their way. So The Little Green Sheep use customer content as part of their social media approach.

They repost customer content and tag the customers being featured. Not only do cue baby snaps always increases engagement, but the approach helps them build trust and loyalty among their customers by featuring real people who have bought their products and want to share their experience.

Top tip: Encourage your customers to tag you in their social media posts so you can easily reshare

The Farm Safety Foundation shares tips and tricks from the horse's mouth

As a mutual insurer that has cared about the countryside, farmers and their families for over a century, NFU Mutual took the decision in 2014 to establish the Farm Safety Foundation, an independent charity to help young farmers challenge their behaviours and change their attitude to farm safety.

The Farm Safety Foundation can’t go wrong. They not only give tips on everything from weather to tiredness to general safety-  but they also ask people to share their own tips and turn those tips into posts and stories comprised of customer content.

EVERYONE loves a life hack whether it is just for the farming community or not. Encourage your customers to share their tips and life hacks, turn it into content for your social media and tag in the customers so they know their contribution is valued.  Ask and they shall answer, people LOVE giving their opinions whether it's about farming or donuts.


Top tip: Getting customer content is as simple as asking a question. People LOVE giving their opinions whether it's about farming or donuts, so ask and they shall answer.

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