Social media tips to smash your online sales with Facebook ads

Every week we bring you social media tips and tactics to drive your social media strategy forwards. We introduce you to real life businesses like Putney retailer 'Morrows', and Bristol's Jones and Modha. See how both businesses have embraced social media to drive measurable increases in online sales and acquire new customers.

How investing in quality photography for Facebook ads boosted sales by 250%

Morrows, the dapper men's fashion store from Putney is run by Philip Morrows and his father Graham. They are a men’s fashion retailer predominantly specialising in quirky, trendy and quality British-made socks. The majority of their socks are knitted by a fifth generation family firm which is still based in Leicestershire, the historic capital of the hosiery industry in England. They have been selling their specialist socks to the gents of Putney for the past seven years.

During the pandemic everything changed for this indie retailer and Philip realised that he would have to ‘get social’ and drive online sales if they were going to keep going.

Philip admits: “online has always been the weakest side of business. Our website was always used generally as a shop window. I have struggled staying consistent on social media, in spite of understanding the importance of it."

Philip has always been averse to spending money on expensive photo shoots and videography for social media because he wasn’t sure of the return. In 2020 he invested in a digital marketing agency, got a professional photo shoot done using some friends and variations of his products and used it to create Facebook carousel ads which has increased sales by 250%.

“November online sales were up 660% YOY and December by 160%. Overall we achieved an increase of 250%. It was a small starting point but demonstrated the value of investing in photography, video and social media.”

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Tell your brand story to acquire customers

Jones and Modha is a sustainable perfume business based in Bristol. The business is deeply passionate about sourcing sustainable perfumes and a strong ethos around the brand. Telling their brand story allows Jones and Modha to connect authentically every single day using videos, posts and stories that resonate with the right customer.

Jones and Modha’s product relies on people being able to smell it. So with shops closed during lockdown, this posed a huge challenge for the business to face. Putting their brand ethos and sustainability story at the centre of its communication was essential to reach new customers. In the absence of customers being able to experience the product before buying, Jones and Modha were relying on people buying into the brand.

“We have to be all about brand on our social media because ultimately we are a sensory product that will sell better physically in store. We need to use our social media to connect with the right people who genuinely will want to try our product because of what they see and read about us,” say Jones and Modha.

Top tip: Listen to what your customers want, chat, engage, get feedback and the sales will follow.

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