How to use social media to build connection, intrigue and excitement

Every week we bring you social media tips and tactics to drive your social media strategy forwards. We introduce you to real life businesses like Papadeli in Bristol, and Blue Chakra Mindfulness in Harrogate, which are growing using social media. Read on and discover their social media tips, so you can learn from and replicate their success using new techniques.

How to use social media to build intrigue and excitement

Papadeli is a deli, cooking school and events caterer based in Bristol. It is run by Catrin MacDonnell and her chef husband. Papadeli started as a deli with all the most delicious foods from around Europe and the UK as well as imaginative, nutritious take home dishes and homemade cakes made in a little kitchen at the back. Inspiration came from their time living in Italy, France and Spain which they wanted to replicate for the people of Bristol.

Papadeli started their social media journey with Twitter many years ago but it's been Instagram that's connected the deli with the Bristol foodies.

In addition, Papadeli uses social media to chat to people  interested in attending the popular cookery classes, which will recommence in June 2021.

Catrin said: "Awareness and engagement increased while the deli was closed. Followers are really supportive and the deli has seen more followers, likes and comments that we can now build on."

One of her top tips is the recognise that social media is a team effort. The chef captures and sends the photos and they are uploaded by a member of the team straight away to ensure the content is current and authentic. 

For Papadeli, success on social centres around increasing the excitement for the deli. Catrin loves hearing what customers have got to say and posting in their Stories what they have eaten and enjoyed. Likes are important and they appreciate it when customers engage.

"Because of masks and social distancing it is hard to gauge reaction from customers so seeing people get really excited about a specific dish on Instagram is rewarding," added Catrin.

Top tip: Use social media as your shop window to build FOMO and intrigue- it will bring the conversation, the engagement as well as the physical customers. We can’t lock down social media now we are out of lock down. We must keep it up.


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Load up your social media posts with authenticity

Blue Chakra Mindfulness, Mindset and Life Coaching based in Harrogate is an independent coaching business run by Catherine Moses and founded in 2019.

Social media is used to connect Blue Chakra to its customers and to help as many people as possible.

Social media allows the business to communicate various tools the business can offer. Instagram allows Blue Chakra to provide context and background to what is on offer, while the Facebook community allows them to connect on a deeper level, giving people added value.

Blue Chakra has built up their social community to almost 3,000 people organically. They are thrilled to receive daily feedback from clients.

"I connect people not only with me but with others and they help each other. That is the power of a community on social media," said Catherine.

Top tip: Show up, be authentically you whether you are an indie business or a bigger team. People buy from people and social media allows you to connect, so do it!

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