How to improve your Twitter account

Twitter is a great social media platform for communicating with your audience in real-time. Perfect for sharing key information instantly such as your latest product offerings and promotions.

With 145 million daily users (Brandwatch) there is potential to reach a huge number of people and raise awareness of your brand.

Once you have mastered How to get started on Twitter, you can then start using the platform to its full potential. Here we talk you through taking those next steps.

Reaching more people

After setting up your profile, learning about hashtags and sending your first tweet, you may be wondering what next….

It’s likely that you are going to want to start building relationships with your target audience, You have to nurture your audience by following the same principles you would when starting a new relationship : How to build relationships on Twitter. 

The next question is then how do you reach those customers to make sure they are local to you : How to reach your local customers.

Once you have started to reach people and build relationships you can then start to grow your following: How to increase your Twitter following .

However, there are some things to consider in order to help attract new followers : Get your ratio right , Dust off your Twitter account and keep your current ones : What NOT to do on Twitter .

It's all about engagement

After a while you are then going to want to start driving up your engagement : How to get more engagement. A key way to do this is using images to increase your click through rate : How to get 18% more clicks on Twitter  and posting GIFs :  Have some fun with GIFs

Another point to consider around engagement is that timing plays a big factor, as it can help determine how many people see your post and how many people click on it : When you do it matters.

Building conversations

For those who are more competent on Twitter, a great tool within the platform is the ability to create lists, where you essentially create your own personal newsroom of relevant content : How to create your personal newsroom.

Additionally, another great way to interact with people on Twitter is through a Twitter Chat, which is an online conversation about a niche subject with a specific hashtag : Join the chat.

Customer Service

Twitter can also be a very powerful tool when it comes to customer service for the likes of dealing with enquiries : How to deal with customer service enquiries on Twitter and managing complaints : Turn a negative into a positive.

Keep up to date

On a final note, social media platforms are always updating their rules to improve the way users consume content, so it is always worth keeping on top of changes : Here are some changes you need to know about Twitter.

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