How to get better on social media

Being present on social media is a brilliant first step. Your efforts should initially be about regularly ‘showing up’ on your channels and starting to identify the content that your followers like.

Your next emphasis needs to be about finding ways to be more engaging and building up your follower numbers. You can do this either by driving those conversations or actively going out to find and join in the conversations that matter to you.

Building relationships with your followers

Learn from your successes and tailor your content.

As you build your activity you can start to analyse what's working and what's not.

Look at the engagement levels on your posts and establish if the reaction was positive or negative. As you test different messaging, different times of the day, different formats for your activity, you can start to spot the content that's hitting the 'sweet spot' and plan more of the same.

The Maybe platform brings all this understanding to you via its dashboard.

See what works

How they feel

An example of the Maybe* 'See What Works' report showing which content had the most engagement.

Identify who influences the conversation

An influencer is someone who has the ability to persuade others to purchase your product or service.

If you can build up a connection with these influencers you can benefit from the extended reach they provide should they share any of your content.

Identify who your influencers are - these may be loyal customers who regularly talk about your products or experience with your business; or somebody who is a spokesperson within your industry.

The Maybe* 'Who’s got influence' report highlights important people within the conversation around your business, making it easy to start a relationship with people that can help drive more sales.

Once you know who influences the conversation around your business, start to engage with them.  By developing strong relationships with people that can influence potential customers  you can reach a bigger audience.

Here's some guidelines on working with influencers, no matter how big or small their following.

Sophie Scarrott Influencers

An example of the Maybe* 'Who's got influence' report highlighting influencers in the conversation.

Social media guides - how to improve your social media presence

Maybe hosts a library of articles each covering a bite size piece of learning so you can lean in where you need the support most in the time you have available.

Each channel has more advanced features that will help you to be more ambitious with how you use Social Media for your business. 

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The Maybe* benchmarking tool allows us to see who’s been building their audience and creating the most social media content. The Maybe* UK business index compares your social media activity with other businesses in your town, region, sector or industry. Our completely customisable indexing feature is 100% free and open to everyone.  Get started for free.