Reprioritising your social media advertising

Over this time it's important to check social media advertising that your business might be running. What may have been appropriate before the COVID-19 crisis, may not be appropriate now. 

For example, KFC have had to pause their recent advertising campaign, 'finger-lickin' good', as they didn't want to advocate putting your fingers in your mouth (or other people's mouths) as the video shows.

It's ok to hit pause on social adverts and re-think how you can serve your customers best during this time. Here's some tips to work through to help you re-adjust your social media strategy.

Is your social media advertising accurate?

If you are still running social media advertising, are you confident you can still deliver the services you offer at the standard you would usually do at normal times. Disappointing customers with inaccurate availability, opening times, or service levels does not help customers, or you. Retaining trust and customer confidence for the future is more important now than ever.

Are your social adverts appropriate?

Are your current ads or promoted posts appropriate to the current situation. Check the creative, the language and tone of your posts. Are your ads sensitively positioned? Avoid language which could be construed as opportunistic or overly competitive at this time. Stay clear of any content which might create needless panic and urgency.

Is your social media advertising effective?

The global, national, and your local situation will be changing daily. Is your advertising truly relevant to what your customers need from you at the moment? What you are planning to promote may not land with customers in the way it usually does. Pause any advertising you know is not likely to deliver the results. Save the spend for a later point in time, or redirect advertising efforts to something which will truly support customers, and your business.

Key takeaway

Efficient advertising works when it is relevant and well-targeted. Avoid disappointing customers or wasting your resources by taking the time to pause and refine your messaging. Check in regularly with your advertising to ensure that what you have live is still reflective of what you can deliver.

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