How to use this time to improve your social media skills

You may feel  that your hands are tied when it comes to continuing to grow your business at the moment. Customers are being encouraged to stay home, and their current priorities might simply mean that you and your services are not front of mind. You may also be restricted by social distancing making it difficult or impossible to deliver face to face services, products you usually stock may not be available, or you may be advised to temporarily close your premises.

If you and your team are finding that you have more time available than usual then this could be a great time to adapt and grow an essential part of your business - you, your people and your digital skills.

1) Maybe* provides over 400 articles, free webinars, and training, all delivered remotely to help businesses like yours do business socially.

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We work with membership organisations like the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), BIRA, and ACS (Association of Convenience Stores) to provide the tools and training there members need to effectively communicate with customers and drive commercial performance on social media. We’d love to help you too.

Please use the time that we are all being stopped in our tracks, to arm yourself with more knowledge and skills. We all have to find something positive to take our of this challenging time.

The Maybe* platform helps you manage your social media conversations, prioritise who you should be engaging with, identify influencers, and monitor your social media performance, that of other businesses in your location, and your competitors.

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