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- 16 March 2023

Herefordshire businesses benefit from a 15 per cent increase in footfall

A social media training pilot ran by Maybe* from the UK Community Renewal Fund (UKCRF) saw businesses in Herefordshire benefit from a 15 percent increa...

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- 28 February 2023

Pancake Day 2023: Which supermarket had the most engaging social media posts?

Pancake Day is always a flippin’ great time for content creation, but which supermarket resonated most with its customers on social media this ye...

- 28 February 2023

Learning from the best of February on social media

We get it, you want your social media to shine for your business. We feel the same way as you. To step up your social game, we think it’s importa...

- 24 February 2023

Nearly a hundred hot topics to inspire your social content this March

March is a month packed full of content ideas. With 100 scrumptious suggestions, it’s a month mainly about food, the arrival of Spring and raisin...

- 23 February 2023

Valentine’s Day 2023: Which jeweller had the most engaging social media posts?

This Valentine’s Day we analysed social media posts from jewellers to find out which retailer had the most engaging posts. Using the Maybe* platf...