Why your engagement strategy matters as much as your content strategy

Earlier this year we took a look at the social media performance and engagement of Topshop, Boohoo and Missguided. We discovered that Boohoo outshone Topshop in the engagement stakes.

In part two of this series, we have reexamined this data, including Instagram, to understand what it is that Boohoo specifically does so well in comparison to their competitors.

The findings

1) Instagram earns the most engagement
2) Success comes from engaging rather than creating
3) Influencers do not always equal reach

Looking at the detail

Boohoo is killing it on social media

Through July we learned that our featured brands, River Island, Topshop, Boohoo and Primark, created between 300 and 1900 pieces of owned content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Again the story the data tells us that Boohoo is killing it in the volume stakes (only slightly beaten out by Primark); and the engagement stakes with a whopping 1.4million engagements on their content.

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Contribute as well as create

Engagement on Boohoo’s owned content may be coveted by the brand’s fashionista rivals, but this is only indicative of incoming engagement. That is to say, it is only a measure of how likely what the brand has to say is to inspire action. It tells us the brand have plenty to say to its customer but does not tell us whether they are willing to participate in a conversation as well as initiate one?

With this in mind, we set about discovering, how much of a brand’s conversation is likely to be responses to customers or sharing of third-party content from other sources.

Engagement is a two-way street

Staggeringly, Boohoo posted 1.1Million pieces of content. Only 1,429 of these posts originated with the brand. The rest are all engagements - replies, shares, retweets.

In fact, Boohoo’s owned content only accounts for 0.13% of the total they have to say. This demonstrates that they know engagement success doesn’t just come from posting their own great content, but also by recognising the content of others also resonates with their audience.

This implies that Boohoo is:

1) More interested in what people other than themselves have to say.

2) More inclined to engage with their customers than their competitors seem to be.

3) More confident in the kind of content their audience loves.

The key takeway

In order to be successful, it is not enough to author and post your own content, and rack up engagement. Sharing truly is caring. Be bold enough to take a punt, that if you see something you like the look of, your own audience will like it too.

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