Why you should add a chat bot to your Facebook posts

Last month we wrote about why Facebook Messenger contacts are valuable and how this channel can be used for multiple functions such as email capture, surveys and even charitable donations.

In this blog post, we'll demonstrate how by linking your Facebook posts to a chatbot you can gather much more than reactions, comments and shares.

When you link your Facebook post to a chatbot, Facebook messenger is launched when someone comments or presses a call-to-action. Within Messenger a chatbot can gather information from potential customers by asking questions and explicitly ask for consent to contact them again, making the data GDPR compliant.

The beauty of chatbots is that you can create them around almost anything. They can gather new leads, capture email addresses, receive donations and make sales - all within Messenger.

These are recent examples of our clients using a chatbot to deliver results and increase engagement through Facebook. All of the results can be seen and tracked through the Maybe* platform.

All insights gathered from chatbots can be uniquely integrated with the Maybe* platform so they can be actioned and shared on social media, where appropriate.

This Facebook post has collected:

  • 556 reactions
  • 241 opted in Messenger sign-ups

This Facebook post has collected:

  • 106 opted in Messenger sign-ups 
  • 21 Instagram followers

This Facebook post has collected:

  • 117 opted in Messenger sign-ups 
  • 62 email addresses 
  • 49 Instagram followers

Scan the QR code with your iPhone camera or Android app to see how the chatbots work in an offline environment.

Or you can simulate the online experience from Facebook here.

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