Who carries more weight on social media: Pure Gym or DW Fitness First?

January . . . the month where resolutions, goals and priorities are set, when new activewear is purchased and gym doors fly open to admit newbies fighting their festive over indulgence.

While you're battling it out in the spin studio,  here at Maybe* we've set two gym chains head to head to see how each of them are using social media to attract and motivate their new and existing clientele. 

Looking at the insight through January 2020

All data collected from January 2020. Data correct as of the time of collection and may not reflect the impact of any paid media support, or data accrued since.

Pure Gym

Pure Gym has stormed ahead in the fitness club space over recent years with its accessible attitude towards membership. 24 hour opening times, low cost membership and contract free options appealed to a base of customers looking for access to health and fitness facilities without the hefty commitment in time and money.

Sharing workouts, recipes and tongue in cheek memes as well as reposting progress updates from its community and members works well for them over aggressive calls to action to sign up.


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It has earned over 600,000 followers and posts on average 13 times per day. Posts typically attract an average of 102 engagements, though on Instagram the chain’s engagement rate can be in the thousands.

Its content strategy is to be useful to its audience. The Maybe* See What Works Report for Pure Gym demonstrates how the club has earned far more engagement from its community than it has posted.

And for the record, Maybe* also misses pigs in blankets just like Pure Gym’s community who clearly related to its most engaging post of the month.

The Maybe* See What Works Report showing the engagement on social media for Pure Gym.

DW Fitness First

Formerly known as Fitness First, the gym has long been a favourite for fitness enthusiasts across the UK. With different tiers of clubs, growing class lists as well as the usual gym equipment on offer for members, the business may have lost market share over the years as more bespoke, boutique and flexible options emerge. Nonetheless the club continues to attract members and provide many locations for a workout.

DW Fitness First has a smaller following and is not as active as Pure Gym. They also don't achieve the same levels of engagement as Pure Gym on their own content. However the chain’s engagement levels are lower on average because they utilise Twitter to respond to one on one membership enquiries, and do so exceptionally well. 

DW Fitness First may experience lower levels of engagement but they do create a depth of connection on a personal basis.

The Maybe* See What Works Report showing the engagement on social media for DW Fitness First.

How to be a social media heavy-weight...

Engaging content is simply about serving customers. This can be achieved through content which adds to the customers’ experience of fitness and wellness as in the case of Pure Gym, or it can be providing traditional customer service responses as in the case of DW Fitness First.

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