What’s being said about The Entertainer?

Any parent will testify that a new toy goes a long way to pacify a child, let alone one that's not seen beyond its garden boundary for the best part of a season. So as The Entertainer toy store's doors clamped shut  back in March and families throughout the nation began their lockdown marathon it was no surprise that the nation's parents flocked online hoping to find hope (and peace) at The Entertainer website's checkout page. 

Despite sales plummeting by by 75% due to COVID-19  The Entertainer has been battling with warehouses operating at reduced capacity in a desperate bid to service their now ragged online shoppers.

We’ve taken a look at what’s being said about the Entertainer to understand whether stock levels and delivery expectations are at the forefront of customers' minds, and what The Entertainer is saying to get ahead of their customers' concerns.

What’s the Entertainer saying?

The Entertainer is clearly mindful of the number of promotional social media posts it is creating given it may not be able to meet its customers demands for product. The business has clearly communicated delivery options and product of an outdoors and educational nature to help parents out while the kids are at home. In addition, it has focused on its limited click and collect service, competitions, and customer service responses as mechanics to stay connected to customers who might be unable to shop.

The Maybe* See what works tool detailing the amount of posts created by the Entertainer post store closures.

The business has stayed active on social media to respond to customer feedback over this time. This ensures consistency in customer service levels, communication and transparency.

While not able to sell at its usual rate, the brand is continuing to engage and retain loyal customers by providing downloadable colouring sheets to entertain the kids while they are at home.

What’s being said about the Entertainer

The largest and most frequently used phrase about the Entertainer is ‘entertainertoys’, the brand’s Twitter username. Around this there is language about orders, and requests. This reflects that customers are primarily using social media to send customer service requests to the brand, following up on orders and stock availability.

The Maybe* What’s being Said conversation reporting tool detailing the phrases and content most frequently used by The Entertainer during May 2020.

The Maybe* What’s being Said conversation reporting tool detailing the phrases and content most frequently used about The Entertainer during May 2020.

How to explore and interpret this data for yourself in Maybe*

The Maybe* What’s being said tool helps you understand what content phrases and words you are using most frequently, and what is resonating the most with your audience. In addition, the tool highlights what people are saying about you.

The tool allows you to hover over the word to see how many times the topic has been mentioned in the past month, or since you signed up to the platform. You can then click through to see the posts behind each topic.

You can then use this report to help inform your content strategy by ensuring that what you’re talking about is what people are the most interested in.

Key takeaway

Despite not being able to trade physically, and with an eCommerce offering at a reduced service level, The Entertainer has continued to connect with customers and respond to customer feedback and continued to earn engagement.

Knowing what has most frequently been posted, helps a business ensure its communication priorities are being met and on message especially during a time of crisis. Knowing what is being said about the business, would help the Entertainer plan their proactive communication and prioritise responding quickly and personally to feedback.

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