What makes for a best performing post? We ask Exeter

This week’s virtual tour of the best in social media across the UK takes us down South to Exeter. Exeter ranks 159th in the Maybe* benchmark of all UK towns and cities in terms of social media output and engagement. We’ve used the Maybe* Benchmarking tool to find the best businesses for social media performance, and their best performing social media post in terms of engagement.

Visit Exeter’s best performing post

Visit Exeter is up there with Exeter’s best and is actively inspiring locals and tourists on behalf of the City. The organisation is regularly on the gram, Twitter, and all over Facebook. They do a great job of shining a light on all Exeter has to offer, which is no mean feat, when you've spent the best part of three months in lockdown.

Through June, Visit Exeter’s best performing social media post was on Instagram.

What makes this post particularly engaging, is that the organisation used someone else’s content and of course credited them.

Utilising other people in your community and sharing their own content about your place is a sure fire way to build a loyal and harmonious relationship with local influencers and tastemakers, as well as championing real people in your area.


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How to replicate this technique

It's not as difficult as you might think to have stand-out social content for a place. Firstly, listen to the conversation about your place, such as #exeter. Also monitor who is engaging with you or any hashtags you use to promote your business. Eg #visitexeter. Shameless plug, the Maybe* Engagement tool makes it super simple for you to do this.

Add the conversations you want to be a part of to the platform, then  regularly engage to share the love with the people who share the love for your place. Share their content, tag them in it. They’ll be besotted with you for it. Promise!

Visit Exeter makes a real habit out of this, and is reaping the benefits of the social seeds it has sown.


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To learn from your local creme de la creme, start by benchmarking your local place, and pick the social media brains of other businesses in your area.

Benchmark and improve your social media performance

Key takeaway

Knowing your best performing post helps you identify what your audience will respond to best. Whatever place you are in, you can learn from other national or local businesses in your area. In your own content, use place hashtags to get discovered and interact with the other best businesses in your area to create content that makes the locals tick so you can engage with them more effectively and more regularly.

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