What do shoppers want from the high street of tomorrow?

To discover what shoppers want from the high street of the future, we used a chatbot to ask consumers what was important to them when shopping on the high street.

The insights revealed from the Maybe* platform will help Asset Owners and Managers understand what motivates their shoppers and reveal how they feel about the high street experience today. 

The results from the chatbot will be showcased at the Revo Conference, 18- 19th September.

We asked:

  • How important is living sustainably to you? 
  • Whose responsibility it is to decrease the environmental footprint of retail? 
  • Do you have a good understanding of the environmental impact of your purchasing choices? 
  • Would you choose a “green” delivery option if it was more expensive and/or less convenient? 
  • Have you stopped shopping with companies because in your view they are not committed to an ethical supply chain? 
  • What’s more important to you – price or environmental impact?
  • Is your local high street accessible to people with all needs?
  • Is it important for your wellbeing to live near a thriving high street? 
  • Do you think high streets are dying? 
  • Should the opening hours of local retail places be adjusted to people’s working times?
  • Do you prefer to shop online or in a physical store?
  • How have your shopping habits changed in the run-up to Brexit?  
  • Do you think the government is doing enough to save high streets?
  • Have you heard of the  High Streets Taskforce, High Streets Fund or the  Stronger Towns Fund?  
  • Do you think online and physical retail/sales (or retailers) should be taxed equally?
  • Do you think business rates should be abolished and a new tax introduced? 

To discover the insights revealed from the chatbot, take the survey here or scan the code by aiming your iphone camera at the code or using a QR reader on an android device. 

If you're attending Revo, visit the Maybe* team in the TechHub to find out more about how we gathered these insights.

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