What do Leicester’s businesses have to say on social media?

Knowing how your social media activity stacks up against competitors in your industry or location enables you to gauge how well your content is being received and provides ideas and insights into what might work for your organisation. 

Here we’re looking at the social media output and engagement of organisations in Leicester. The city ranks 10th in Maybe*s benchmarking of UK towns and cities  with 61% of its businesses having social media accounts and 38% of them actively posting. We’ve reviewed the social media content, engagement and sentiment of some of Leicester’s businesses throughout February to March so you can see what’s working, what isn’t and get some takeaways to fine tune your own social strategy.

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Benchmarking Leicester
25-05-2020 - 31-05-2020
Business name
Audience size
1The Vintage Scene Leicester 49.9K 0% 2
2Motorcycle Accessories Leicester 16.1K 1002% 1
3Sri Vedmata Gayatri Pariwar UK 10.8K 1% 2
46 Degrees Coffee House 1.5K 337% 1
5ADT Taxis 9.4K 1% 4
6VIP Bottles 24.2K 79% 1
7Bikram Yoga 3.8K -8% 1
8LCB 14K 1% 1
9Wellgosh 129.4K 0% 1
10Home - The Globe Pub Leicester 2.1K 0% 1
The Maybe Index is calculated using measures on; audience size and frequency of posts for any organisation across the three core social networks; Facebook, Instagam, and Twitter. The score is measured as a moving sum to ensure active organisations are scored well and is updated in the Maybe platform daily.

The Maybe* benchmark updates daily so you can see the movers and shakers of your local social media world. For that reason, data is correct at the time of publishing and may not reflect the latest changes to the index.
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Leicester City FC

Leicester City FC, or the Foxes, have their den at the King Power Stadium. The premier league football team have active social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but it's the gram that delivers them the most engagement with the posts driving the most engagement for them through February. Not all news is good news, but when it comes to football it's often the losses that generate the most conversation among fans.

De Montfort University

Both of Leicester’s universities made the top five but DMU has won the Maybe* equivalent of a local university challenge. A Royal visit made for its most engaging post. The University uses its presence across Instagram to showcase its campuses, buildings and the beauty of the local and historic area.


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Well Gosh

Local Leicester shoe retailer puts its best foot forward on social media. Mostly active on Instagram the store styles up the latest in shoes for hiking, cycling, and fashion trainers for show as well as go. Rare collections for sports fans make it on to the feed as well as raffles, contests and early access to sales. All this makes for a sense of urgency, buzz and demand.

University of Leicester

The local Uni uses its social media platforms to showcase campus life. However it is the Uni’s initiatives in science and technology research which really get its followers engaged. The University of Leicester is leading the way in medical research supporting the efforts to develop testing and contain the spread of Coronavirus which made for the Uni’s best post.


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The Vintage Scene Leicester

Shopping vintage used to be a style trend, now it's increasingly becoming a behaviour driven by sustainability concerns. Recognising both of these drivers, The Vintage Scene Leicester showcases its wares from the 80s, 90s and 00s to its Vintage and environmentally concerned audience.

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