How the Pudstore leveraged TikTok for its best performing post

We’re big fans of indie retailer The Pudstore. Founded by a former Apprentice contestant, the Pudstore operates a famous Facebook group and has been growing its store footprint despite a challenging climate. As well as having great products for the little ones, and offering something new and unique to High Street stores, the business is a dab hand at social media. With a limited number of physical stores, the Pudstore operates an eCommerce site to benefit from their Instagram reach and founder Fran’s apprentice following, and are able to serve a customer base outside the East Midlands.

The Pudstore does a great job of using social media to stay connected to customers regardless of location and is keeping them engaged even when they are not selling in-store. We’ve taken a look at the best of their social media posts using the Maybe* Best Performing Post tool in May so you can learn from the approach.

About the post

The Pudstore’s best performing social media post during May was posted on Facebook. The post was a simple tag to win competition using the on-trend TikTok brand, it earned 185 likes, 194 shares and 221 comments totalling 400 engagements. Usually, the brand receives an average of 8 organic engagements per post.

Use relevant content and a mechanic that works

As a retailer of cute and unique kids clothes that you can’t really find anywhere else the competition worked well as it appeals to mums at home, who love the product and who like the opportunity to win and save some pennies.

The Pudstore’s competition mechanic ensured it scored as the best performing post as it included both commenting and sharing the post, earning multiple engagements from the same user, and ensuring a wider reach through user sharing. In addition, the prize was to win a TikTok branded outfit. At a time when TikTok has cut through during social distancing, the brand also ensured its prize was relevant and on-trend.

The Maybe* See what works tool detailing the amount of posts created by the Pudstore and engagement with them during May.

How to replicate this technique

Competitions are a simple way to boost your engagement. However, you must ensure that the customers they attract to your page are the kind of customer you hope will be loyal and spend money with you in the future. You will also need terms and conditions and to ensure you are running the contest fairly and legally.

Ensure that your competition mechanic encourages multiple different engagement options for entry and that the prize or contest is timely, relevant or follows a consumer trend.

You can build on the engagement earned by this technique by publicly recognising the winner, encouraging them to share photos with you when their prize arrives and ensuring you keep your ongoing content engaging for the new followers you have attracted.

Key takeaway

Knowing your best performing post helps you identify what your audience will respond to best. By exploring the best post in an entire town, or sector, you will build an understanding of what makes your target customer tick and be able to engage them effectively and connect with them more frequently.


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