What makes Maybe* different?

The tech market is awash with social media tools to support marketers and business owners to manage and improve their digital presence. So what makes Maybe* so different? Who better to explain than our users - ranging from CEOs to freelance social managers - each uses Maybe* as an integral part of their day-to-day business management.

Unlocking the potential of towns, streets, shopping centres and places

"Innesco has a heritage working with innovative companies within the real estate sector - in the UK and abroad. We have a long and successful relationship with Maybe*, since its inception – and have closely followed its progress as it looks to unlock the potential in towns, streets, shopping centres and places around the UK."

"We are particularly supportive of Maybe* focus to track business recovery across the UK by social media linked to geography and sector - to identify areas and sectors that recover faster so that winning strategies can be replicated."

"We believe this will be an especially critical factor as we all seek to recover from the Covid pandemic and its extraordinary impact on our economy."

- Innesco

'A greater insight to inform our decisions'

"We strongly believe that social media has a part to play in us understanding the needs of a local community."

"Listening to what communities have to say gives us greater insight to inform our decisions. We’re delighted to be working with Maybe*, they are helping us better utilise social media in our shopping centres to build customer acquisition and retention strategies."

"We are learning a great deal from the insights delivered to us through the Maybe* platform.”

- New River


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Businesses reinvigorated

“The Maybe* team have been a reassuring and calm help during this frantic time of COVID19 & lockdown.

Putney businesses who have connected with Maybe* have been reinvigorated about using social media to help accelerate their recovery; for some of the businesses who before had little to no engagement on socials, they are now excited to build their online presence!

"The advice is really easy to understand and humanises how to approach social media without detracting from the marketability of the platforms."

- Positively Putney


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Mind-blowing technology

Actionable insights from Maybe*

“Influencer marketing is a big part of my business. When I find someone that I believe matches my brand I would normally watch them for at least a month before making the first contact. It has drastically changed since I have started to use Maybe* app- the data is unreal and gives me the understanding and confidence to choose influencers in a much shorter period of time. 

The fact that I’m able to look back on dates and see what kind of content actually works gives me a better direction on my social media plan! 

I have been working with Maybe* for nearly three years and they have helped with our growth in different parts of our journey!”

- Sara Da Silva, CEO, Sara Da Silva Sportswear


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Connecting businesses

“As the professional body of the place management sector, the Institute of Place Management is acutely aware of
the challenges high streets and town centres face in response to
recovering from COVID-19. Many of these locations were already struggling but independent businesses, community groups and more multifunctional uses of our towns were offering green-shoots of hope.

"Connecting businesses with the local communities/catchment and being able to connect business together is a fundamental element of success in town-centre regeneration. Maybe* have a proven solution that can be used to a central pillar of the recovery of town centres across the UK.”

- Institute of Place Management

Driving revenue through Maybe* insights

“The Maybe* platform has been a real game-changer for our online proposition. We use it to understand who our audience is and what products will be of greatest interest to them. By using this information we’re able to target a specific audience with our Facebook ads which draw in new shoppers to our store and our online boutique. A recent campaign created off the back of Maybe* insights resulted in increased sales of 994%, increased online traffic of 209%, and an average basket size increase of 35%.”

- Sophie Scarrott, CEO, Keith Scarrott Shoes

'Easy and all in one place'

“It’s amazing working with the team at Maybe*. Their platform makes interacting and communicating with audiences much easier, it’s all in one place."

"Watching consumers engaging with posts, finding out what is being said about your place and how to connect with that place more is brilliant. We are quite new to the programme but we are already learning and keen to learn more. Can’t wait for our first webinar.”

- InExeter


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An innovative approach

“Maybe* delivered exciting engagement activity around our most recent Revo annual conference and have continued to innovate their approach to social media."

"Maybe* has a longstanding relationship being members and active participants of the Revo Strategic Board and Maybe* delivered exciting engagement activity around our most recent Revo annual conference in September 2019 and have continued to innovate their approach to measuring social media, which during these unprecedented and uncertain times we are advertising amongst our members.”

- Revo

Listen and engage with Maybe*

“The thing I love most about the Maybe* platform is the ability to listen and engage with the right online conversations for a client - tailoring these for each different one - and that I can then engage across multiple platforms from one place. This saves me lots of time and it’s much easier to see it all in one feed rather than going to each platform individually. Pretty amazing! The hundreds of help articles are also pretty ace too…”

- Hannah, Hmmm Social

Reporting made simple with Maybe*

“As engagement is the most powerful way to drive organic and paid reach on Social Media, finding quick and easy ways of doing this is key.  With Maybe* I’ve been able to identify the conversations that matter to clients and make the engagement highly targeted. 

For advertising clients, I can quickly appraise campaign results and link to Business Manager if I need to make any changes. 

I can give clients access too, the reporting dashboard gives them the  insights on what’s working and what’s not. If conversations need to be escalated or require more in depth expertise to respond, I can also assign them for help.

As a social media consultant,  the Maybe platform has given me the edge & I’m getting great results for clients."

- Fiona Beckett, Truly Social

Saving time with Maybe*

"I love how the Maybe* platform allows me to see all social channels in one feed, all engagement can be done in one place, which is a massive time saver. I also find the following hashtags and conversations related to my client’s businesses hugely useful for targeting engagement."

- Kate Withington, Social Media Manager