Schuh puts its best foot forward in social media

It’s tough times over at shoe brands Office and Schuh with rumours that the former is closing some of its high street stores. Meanwhile, Schuh has announced its plans to exit the German market to focus on the UK.

Throughout August 2019, Maybe* has taken a look at how the two brands can put their best foot forward on social media. Specifically, how they can better engage their customers and learn how to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t on social media.

Looking at the detail

Schuh strides ahead

When it comes to social media engagement, Schuh is creating double the amount of content* and it's working harder for them. From August 1 - August 28 2019 Schuh have received over 16,000 engagements on their content. That’s over 32 times what Office has achieved.

What Schuh is saying

What Office Shoes is saying

The See What Works report from Maybe*, highlighting engagement with  Schuh’s and Office’ social media content. See the engagement for your own content.

Personality kicks off engagement

Schuh benefit from a truly engaging Instagram presence, using playful language and turns of phrase. All three of their top performing posts came from the gram.

By contrast Office’s use of language is a little drier. Though directional and well crafted, it does not quite have the personality of it’s rival Schuh.  Office are also quick to include calls to action to buy. While great for the Office eCommerce presence, Schuh seems to recognise that not all content needs a link to land.

Here are some of the most popular posts from Schuh and Office throughout August. By understanding how engaged your audience is with your posts, you can narrow your focus to the type of content that gets people’s attention.


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New ssssneaks? 🐍 schuh exclusive.

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Sometimes less isn’t more.

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How does their audience feel?

As well as creating more conversations, the two shoe brands also went toe to toe in the amount of conversation about them. There were approximately 1700 conversations about Schuh from August 1 - August 28 2019. By comparison, there were only 700 about Office. Furthermore, Office saw a higher percentage of negative conversations about them than Schuh did.

As with any online retail, common complaints about Office include delivery method issues though perhaps unfairly, it's the delivery companies that let them down. Nonetheless, the brand responds to feedback and take accountability. Make sure you do this yourself in order to intercept negative sentiment before it spreads.

What is being said about Schuh?

What is being said about Office Shoes?

The Maybe* ‘How they feel’ graph demonstrating whether conversations about Schuh and Office are positive or negative. See how your own customers feel

The key takeway

A great social media strategy inspires interaction, boosts brand recognition and generates influence. Maybe’s social media engagement analytics tool empowers you and your content team with information. Automatically track, analyse and visualise data from your business’s social media posts to see what content you should prioritise for maximum output with minimal investment.

*Office Instagram data excluded as brand not active with a business Instagram account at the time of publishing.

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