Proud parents drive social media engagement for kids’ brands

Recently it was sadly announced that Mothercare would close all 79 of its UK stores. Troubled for some time, the brand has failed to turnaround where other players in the kids' market such as The Entertainer have thrived. In addition growing independents offer something different for parents looking to doll up their little ones. By creating social media content that is inspiring and personal, they highlight unique product, create intrigue and demonstrate through a great social media strategy that they have their finger on the pulse of what their customers need.

Using social media analytics we highlight the work of The Pud Store on Facebook and Instagram throughout November to see what all brands can learn from their approach to social media engagement.

Looking at the details

The Pudstore Stats

The right content in the right place at the right time

The Pud Store have a social media audience just shy of 30,000. With 25,000 of those comprising their Facebook presence, the brand post the majority of their content there. They know that to deliver social media engagement, and reach, it makes sense to invest their efforts in the platform where their customers are. Posting roughly two to three times a day on Instagram, The Pud Store creates 4 or more posts a day on Facebook. With engagement across both platforms relatively equal.

On Facebook, the brand retains its personal tone of voice, asks its audience questions, and focuses on product and price. With Instagram, they flex a little more creativity focusing more on the aesthetic of what they post.


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Making it personal

The Pud Store celebrate their status as a small, family run business. Not only do they share photos of their little pud customers in store, trying on outfits, but they also share stories from their own days. Whether it be showcasing staff decorating a store, or a recent theft of personal items; reminding customers that they are parents, business owners, and real people creates a personal connection and voice that is human led rather than a faceless brand.

Respond and reward

The Pud Store respond to every customer comment and enquiry, and they do so publicly and in a timely manner. Through Instagram, The Pud Store tap into a captive and active social media audience - mums. Mummy bloggers and proud parents are urged to enter their children to become brand reps. Creating a community of baby (and quite literally micro) influencers is a cute tactic designed to encourage user generated content, and further increase a personal connection between a brand and customers, and as a result increase social media engagement.


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Little lessons

Understand that you can drive different types of social media engagement from different social media platforms, and invest your efforts accordingly to what drives the best business results for you. Keep your content personal, and showcase the humans behind your brand to create connection. Respond to all your customer’s comments to demonstrate you value their feedback, and attract advocates from within your customer community. Rewarding loyalty by showcasing the content they’re creating for you is a great way to show your customers some love.

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