Ovarian Cancer Canada launches new donation channel; sees 250% increase in donation rates

The challenge: To celebrate World Ovarian Cancer Day, Ovarian Cancer Canada wanted to build an opted-in audience of new supporters and raise money through a new donation channel; chatbots. 

The approach: Working with the Maybe* platform, Ovarian Cancer Canada is one of the first charities to use a Facebook Messenger chatbot to raise donations and awareness. The charity use the  Maybe* platform to both inform highly targeted Facebook adverts and to create a chatbot from a Maybe* template.

In a fresh approach for the charity, men were targeted as a group, so they can share information with their wives or the women in their lives. As users engage with the adverts a  Facebook Messenger chatbot is launched.

Integration, of the chatbot, with STRIPE allows people to donate directly in the  Facebook Messenger chatbot, without having to go to the charity’s website. Charity receipts are sent via email to donors.

The flexibility of the chatbot process allows a range of content to be shared with supporters including photos, and short videos from those affected by the disease.

Cold audiences are given a personal insight into ovarian cancer, the symptoms and stats, and the people affected by it that isn’t possible through standard cold supporter acquisition channels. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional donation channels.

To experience the Facebook Messenger chatbot follow this link to Facebook Messenger or scan the QR code

  • iPhone  - Open camera and aim at code
  • Android - Use a QR code reader app

"We are changing how social media can drive fundraising; to be at the forefront of creating a new donation channel is so exciting.


Working with Maybe* has allowed us to connect with our donors and supporters in an entirely new way. The chatbots allow us to speak directly with each supporter and to share personal stories of women affected by ovarian cancer. This new channel provides a more efficient way to connect and build deeper engagement with our community. 


This ongoing connection through chatbots allows us to remain closer to our supporters and to keep our cause at the forefront of their minds. All at a fraction of the price of more traditional and costly channels like mailings and emails."

Mapy Villaudy, Vice President Marketing, Communications and Development for Ovarian Cancer Canada

The results

  • The acquisition cost of each opted-in contact is 80p, which is significantly below the industry standard.
  • 5,817 new supporters for Ovarian Cancer Canada, all of whom can be contacted again and again.
  • Compared against email response rates during the same campaign, the response rate for donations through the Facebook Messenger chatbot was 250% higher.
  • A new audience created over Facebook Messenger chatbot .
    - The male audience makes up 25% of the overall chatbot audience  created, much higher than their existing database ratio of 11 - 13%
  • Average gift of $57.10. Highest gift value of $250.
  • Chatbot supporters also suggested over 200 inspiring songs, which has been turned into a playlist for women currently in treatment. 

Ongoing communications with this audience will ensure they are kept close to the cause and warm for upcoming donation campaigns. 

Videos link supporters directly with people affected by the cause, putting a personal connection to the communications. 

In September the charity's major national event, The Walk of Hope, takes place. The chatbot will be used to target local supporters and encourage them to sign up to a walk nearby.  

Ovarian Cancer Canada’s major fundraising campaign of the year takes place around Christmas. In the lead up to this campaign, we will continue to share stories, videos from women affected, information, and more to keep this audience warm and connected to the cause. 

Maybe* uses Manychat to deliver the chatbot experiences. Maybe* is a Messenger Marketing Expert and a Manychat Agency Partner You can access our Manychat templates when you sign up to the Maybe* platform. 

All insights from our chatbot templates are pulled into the AI-powered Maybe* platform where they are analysed and users can share insights and comments on social media. 

Read part 2 of this blog that explores how Ovarian Cancer Canada is using Maybe* to help educate their audience.

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