How the language of love impacts the sentiment about gifting

In our last post about gifting we explored the importance of positivity and personality in messages from gifting retailers. With the Christmas and Valentine’s gifting season out of the way and Mother’s Day hot on Cupid’s heels, we have revisited the conversation to see what new trends are emerging.

Maybe* listened to the online conversation about gifting and present-buying across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We discovered which platform drove the most engagement and which platform delivered the most positive sentiment during January and February 2020.

Social media monitoring gives insight that will help you to identify positive conversation topics you can engage with, benchmark yourself against your competitors and improve your own content.

Looking at the details

Gifting conversations Posts about gifting Engagements on posts % positive sentiment
Facebook 1273 25187 92%
Twitter 1 0 100%
Instagram 9123 57539 83%

All data collected from January 12 - February 12 2020. Data correct as of the time of collection and may not reflect the impact of any paid media support, or data accrued since.

How do people feel about gift shopping?

From January 12 2020 - February 12 2020 there were 10,397 conversations about gifting across social media.  9123 of these conversations took place on Instagram, earning over 57,000 engagements demonstrating that the ‘gram is likely the best place to put your gifting ideas and inspiration.

Our social media sentiment analysis revealed that, of the conversations about gifting that take place on Instagram, 83% of it scores for positivity. On Facebook, the conversation is 92% positive. The overall picture shows that the gifting conversation is 84% positive. When we last profiled this back in September, the conversation was 50% positive overall.

The Maybe* See What Works Report visualising posts about gifting and the engagement on them.

What drove the dramatic increase in positivity around gifting?

Sentiment is scored on language. In the run up to Valentine’s Day, 52% of the 10397 conversations contained the ‘L’ word. Any content containing the word ‘love’ automatically scored higher for positive sentiment.

Being mindful of the impact of language in your social media content, means that you’ll create more content that gives your audience the warm and fuzzies. Passion, personality and positivity go a long way to drive engagement. 


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The key takeaway

If your customers are looking for the perfect gift for someone they care about, showcase your product, what makes it perfect and why it is special. Allow this to shine through so your customers are inspired to pay it forward. Sentiment analysis gets to the core of a good social media strategy. It empowers you to create more of what makes people feel good about your brand.

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