How Instagram delivers fashion brands the most engagement

Earlier this year we took a look at the social media performance and engagement of Topshop, Boohoo and Missguided. We learned that Boohoo was outshining its high street rival Topshop in the engagement stakes. But our story up until now had not included the social media platform favourite of fashionistas, Instagram.

Maybe* has taken a look at what else we can learn by examining the posting and engagement data through July 2019 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and weโ€™ve added Primark and River Island to the mix.

The findings

1) Instagram earns the most engagement
2) Success comes from engaging rather than creating
3) Influencers do not always equal reach

Looking at the detail

Want engagement? Do it for the 'gram

Boohoo once again leads the way in the engagement stakes with an average of over 60,000 engagements per day. But since adding Instagram to our analysis, weโ€™ve seen a jump in the average engagements per day across the other brands, with all of them scoring in the thousands.

Make it relevantly grammable
Across all brands we profiled, all except Boohoo saw their top performing post in terms of engagement, on Instagram.

Where River Islandโ€™s best performing post may have been a contest, we found that all top three of their posts through July, were posted on Instagram. Their second and third placed best posts featured product that was related back to wider lifestyle or cultural references - Wimbledon and Love Island. Similarly, Primarks best performing post featured The Little Mermaid product, and related back to the announcement of an upcoming film.

Although Boohooโ€™s best performing post during July came from Facebook, the content they have created, was sourced and credited to the โ€˜gram.

The key takeway

Instagram earns brands the most engagement because it's relevant to its audience. Adding in the right product and framing it within a relevant and timely lifestyle or cultural framework, and you have instaworthy content with #nofilter necessary.

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