How do the social media efforts from UK BIDs measure up?

We recently started profiling the top ten BIDs in terms of social media output and engagement. This month we’ve put some UK BIDs head-to-head to see what’s working for them, and what can be learned from their approach. So off we go to Sunderland and others for a meander through their social feeds across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from June 15-June 30.

Why Maybe* for BIDS

The Maybe* platform enables BIDs to connect, communicate and collaborate across businesses, retailers and other organisations responsible for management and growth of the places they operate in. Maybe* supports BIDs to connect rate and levy payers to resources, knowledge and funds to keep them operating via social media.

In addition the platform enables shared learnings, alignment of commuications and visibility on tenant and public pain points and behaviours.

Maybe* helps BIDs stay connected to its levy payers and understand where they need help, what  is concerning them and how they can continue to serve them efficiently. Maybe* provides a platform that enables BIDs to connect its members to online resources and prioritise its most urgent outreach and communication.

Who's getting it right?

Sunderland BID comes out on top in terms of its total number of engagements per day, announcing the reopening of Stack Seaburn. Stack Seaburn is an outdoor, seafront, eco-friendly shopping and lifestyle venue in development. On hold due to Covid-19, the BID announced the new opening date for the destination, offering something unique in the local area and creating excitement.

Discovering the best social media performers among the UK's BIDs

Finding your own best performing post

To find your own best performing post, use the Maybe* report builder tool. It packs quite the analytics punch. If you want to see your results quickly and concisely, the report builder comprises all your social media metrics and your key business data all in one place.

To find the best performing post you just need to select your date range and add the best performing post filter from the left hand menu. You can also add other Maybe* insights such as See what works so you can see how much you’ve posted and on what days the spikes in engagement occur.

How to use the Maybe* report builder to find your best performing post

What do BIDs best performing posts have in common?

Stockton and Nottingham BID also fared well with their reopening messages. Stockton deployed a photo montage of local businesses getting ready to re welcome shoppers. While Nottingham BID showcased the free social distancing packs including stickers and signage they were provided for shops around the city. The message in both cases was loud and clear “we support our businesses”.

How to replicate this technique

Imitation is the best form of flattery so keep an eye on what other BIDs are doing to engage their audiences. Learning from the best will make your own content sing louder and encourage a bigger chorus of people to join in with you. The Maybe* Report builder is a great place to start to keep tabs on what drum others are banging. Check out the video to see how other BIDs are comparing themselves.

How to use the Maybe* report builder to find your competitors best performing posts

Key takeaway

BIDs can engage their audiences by leading the charge for independent businesses combining practical support and information with upbeat and exciting messages. By doing this they will encourage local people to also share their passion for the community and its businesses. Use imagery, ask questions and stay positive!

Maybe* is a collaborative social media management platform that provides engagement tools,  actionable insights, reports and access to training that enables organisations to make social media work for them.

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