How do Penzance’s businesses perform on social media?

We’ve taken a trip to the seaside to see how the organisations of Penzance, one of Cornwall's most westerly towns, stack up on social media. 

Penzance ranks 57th in Maybe*s benchmarking of UK towns and cities for social media output, with 69% of its businesses having social media profiles and 39% of them actively posting and engaging.

Maybe* has profiled the town’s best ranked organisations to understand what is working for them and their social media content, engagement and sentiment.

Benchmarking Penzance
28-03-2020 - 03-04-2020
Business name
Audience size
1Foxy Locks 229.9K 1% 1857
2Cornwall Contemporary 14.7K 1% 1475
3R G D 1.4K %
4Circa 21 2.8K 1% 227
5Justin Duance 6.1K 1% 480
The Maybe Index is calculated using measures on; audience size and frequency of posts for any organisation across the three core social networks; Facebook, Instagam, and Twitter. The score is measured as a moving sum to ensure active organisations are scored well and is updated in the Maybe platform daily.

Who is doing social media well in Penzance?

Penlee Park Theatre

Penlee Park Theatre is an open air affair that see’s performances come rain or shine. The organisation utilise Twitter for feedback from their audiences, while Facebook and Instagram keep everyone up to date with the latest news and behind the scenes action.

Staying engaged with the local community and residents, the theatre regularly utilises the Love Penzance hashtag across its social media posts.


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Foxy Locks

Foxy Locks is an online business selling hair extensions, headquartered out of Penzance. Active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the brand creates the same content on all three platforms and average three posts per day. Its Facebook and Twitter platforms see little engagement, in the single figures. However Instagram storms it for the organisation and their luscious locks driving engagement in the thousands.

Knowing its beauty obsessed followers and their other inspirations from celebrity culture works well for the brand and their top performing posts.


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Aspects Holidays

A local company ran out of Penzance by lifelong Cornish residents, Aspects Holidays sell stays in cute, contemporary Cornish cottages.

With an average of 5 posts per day across Facebook, Twitter and Engagement, Facebook drives the business the most social media engagement from its social media audience of 39,000. Sharing images of the apartment as well as the beauty of the local landscape and its tourism offerings, inspire interaction from its followers.

The Maybe* See What Works report for Aspects Holiday highlights the business’ engagement on their social media content.

Cornwall Contemporary

Penzance’s modern art gallery, Cornwall Contemporary showcases the work of international and national artists. With work across the paint and sculpture mediums, the gallery focuses on art inspired by Cornwall or associated with it.

Its instagram presence is fresh, artistic and makes great use of stories as well as the main Instagram feed to celebrate artists, patrons and the space they occupy.

Edge of the World Bookstore

An independent book shop in Penzance stocking best sellers, rare titles and local literature. The store also hosts events and meetups for budding writers and book worms.

The business is the most active on Twitter where it chats on a one to one level with customers and the community, keeping it personal to Penzance.

Vintage Home Living

A passion project for upcycling and restoring furniture has become a thriving business in Penzance. Using Facebook and Twitter, the former blog turned furniture store posts on average 7 times per day.

As well as sharing its furniture projects and services, the business is highly engaged with issues impacting the local community, sharing their opinions on Twitter. Meanwhile Facebook doubles as an online store for the restored pieces up for grabs.

The Big Dance Company

The Big Dance Company keeps Cornwall’s future Darcy Bussel’s in pirouettes and jazz hands while providing students with a sense of community, discipline and pride in themselves.

Instagram and Facebook showcase what the students have been learning and rehearsing, while Twitter is lent a personal touch from the company leader and her own journey. The company posts to its 8000 followers an average of 3 times per day.


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