How do Nottingham’s leisure and tourism businesses perform on social media?

Nottingham ranks 5th in Maybe*s benchmarking of UK towns and cities for social media performance with 59% of its businesses having social media accounts, and 26% of them actively posting.

Nottingham offers local and tourists plenty to entertain themselves with, so Maybe* has profiled leisure and tourism businesses to understand what the city has been sharing with the community.

Benchmarking Nottingham
10-02-2020 - 16-02-2020
Business name
Audience size
1Notts County FC Club Shop 240.2K 1% 10
2My Nottingham 155.2K 1% 18
3Anna Soubry MP 2K 1% 5
4Nottingham City Transport Travel Centre 63.7K 1% 89
5Art Of Football 128.1K 2% 15
6HM Revenue & Customs 434.1K 1% 5
7The Exchange 30.2K 0% 12
8Nottingham Playhouse 31.1K 1% 4
9Page 45 8.5K 1% 6
10Queen's Medical Centre 32.7K 1% 12
The Maybe Index is calculated using measures on; audience size and frequency of posts for any organisation across the three core social networks; Facebook, Instagam, and Twitter. The score is measured as a moving sum to ensure active organisations are scored well and is updated in the Maybe platform daily.

Who is doing social media well in Nottingham?

My Nottingham

My Nottingham is the social media presence for Nottingham City Council and showcases the best of the city’s venues and events for exploration and entertainment.

With almost 154,000 followers, the council is active across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to a great engagement strategy the organisation encourages the community to tag their own posts with #mynottingham. This enables the council to reuse endorsements and inspiration from real people rather than simply prioritising their own messages.


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Nottingham City Transport Travel Centre

Getting about town is the name of Nottingham City Transport Travel Centre’s game, and it takes moving Nottingham’s tourists and commuters along smoothly very seriously. Updates on traffic, closures and timetables form the basis of its social media strategy but it also provides some fun for its passengers.

Oh and for extra cuteness with its community spirit, the centre also sponsors the training of guide dogs. Meet Henry who single-handedly drove the most engagement for the organisation, closely followed by Santa who is taking sustainability and his environmental responsibilities on board.

The Nottingham Playhouse

The Nottingham Playhouse has been hosting drama, dance, music and comedy since 1948. With 31,000 followers across Facebook and Twitter, The Playhouse uses its social media voice to share its programme of events and workshops, charity endeavours, and all the “he’s behind you” behind the scenes fun.

Broadway Cinema

The Broadway cinema is Nottingham’s independent cinema. Active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the cinema shares its programming which includes the latest releases as well as classic films and indie films to offer a point of difference from the multiplexes.

In addition the cinema offers more than just pick and mix to delight their patrons palates, with a gram worthy brunch menu to salivate over.


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National Justice Museum

One of Nottingham’s most popular tourist attractions is the National Justice Museum and City of Caves, a network of caves that dates back to the dark ages. The museum keeps its followers up to date with the latest coming and goings, murder mysteries, and exhibits of note.

Rock City Nottingham

It’s only rock n roll, but we like it. The legendary music venue has hosted REM, The Ramones, Guns N Roses, Grace Jones, Oasis, Nirvana and David Bowie.

Going strong since 1980, Rock City remains a draw for those with a penchant for killer guitars, all showcased across its social media accounts.


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