How a chatbot found out what people think about Lichfield

Lichfield is a Cathedral city in Staffordshire. Lichfield BID approached Maybe* to help them learn what people thought about their high street and how they could attract more footfall to Lichfield.

Social listening via the Maybe* platform gave Lichfield’s BID team the insight and tools to build a growing online community through engaging Facebook posts. The posts were connected to a chatbot that invited people to share their experiences, thoughts, and impressions of Lichfield’s high street.

The chatbot has collected to date over 1,600 insights and opinions to date.

In just a few days Lichfield learnt that:

Lichfield has an incredibly active high street with 55% of people we asked visiting at least once a week.

Lichfield has an enviably active online community with 73% of people finding out about local events etc through social media.

 The most popular shops to visit in town are:

  • Gift shops
  • Clothing
  • Household items

Try it for yourself by commenting on the post below.

The insights uncovered allow us to offer suggestions to Lichfield BID on how to expand their online conversation.

For example, posting more content about events, especially events with a visual focus on the local parks, would be well received by their online community and beyond. Sharing photos of items from local gift, clothing, and household shops would help to increase their online engagement and grow their audience. Both of which are linked to an increase in footfall and sales.

"The Maybe* platform helps towns and cities like Lichfield listen to the conversations about their location, use chatbots and AI to uncover local insights, and turn those insights into actionable steps. That’s how towns and cities see extraordinary results from social media."

Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO and Founder of Maybe*

These insights are merely a taster of what we learnt from Lichfield’s visitors. To learn how we gathered these insights and to see what else we discovered, sign up for your free trial today.

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