How Maybe* helps BIDs support their levy payers

For High Streets to recover from COVID-19 they require an agile communication strategy that adapts with the changing circumstances.  The ability to communicate with all businesses and visitors has never been more critical as they prepare to recover and work in a “new normal” world.

Social distancing means that increasingly each High Street will become the sum of its digital parts. Future success will be determined by each High Street's ability to deliver collective social media engagement and relevant digital services. A wide range of verticals have to adapt fast, to make that happen they need tools and training.

We see a worrying trend where since social distancing measures were introduced, the weekly moving average of businesses active on social media is in decline, while customer use of social media has increased by 60% during the COVID-19 lockdown.  Maybe* helps BIDs support their levy payers and encourages them to buck this trend by increasing their social media participation. This increases their connection with their customers who are their most valuable asset.

Weekly social media activity of UK towns

This graph tracks the weekly moving average of the % of businesses active on social media in select towns and cities active on social media from February 9 - April 19 2020.

What is Maybe*?

Maybe* is a collaborative management platform that provides multiple users across organisations with the ability to monitor and manage social media engagement. Maybe* gives visibility on social media conversations, behaviour and performance, all in one place from a mobile app or desktop interface.

The Maybe* platform provides a set of market leading social media tools, insights  and training that enable places and businesses to accelerate their digital communications and resilience. Social distancing means that increasingly each place will become the sum of its digital parts. Future success will be determined by a BID's ability to understand the issues facing its levy payers and engage with them efficiently.

The Maybe* platform provides a dashboard that has an unlimited number of users per business. This enables teams to access information regardless of their location and enables BIDs to communicate with their levy payers no matter where their team is working from.

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Why Maybe* for BIDs?

Maybe* helps BIDs stay connected to and easily engage with its levy payers via social media. It helps BIDs understand where ratepayers need help, what is concerning them and how they can continue to serve them efficiently. Maybe* provides a platform that enables BIDs to connect its members to online resources and prioritise its most urgent outreach and communication.

Maybe* Engagement tools provide BIDs with access to engagement tools that enable them to up their digital game. They provide access to Facebook Twitter and Instagram through one interface with optional live help. Both organic and paid social media is supported. Through the Engagement tool Maybe* users can also access “Digital Assets” that support their levy payers.

  • Engage efficiently with social media conversations by levy payers and about the local area.
  • Engage with the right local social media conversations at the right time.
  • Respond to communication.
  • Understand what is impacting ratepayers and their patrons.
  • Connect levy payers to essential resources and funds - governmental or crowdfunders.

Who’s doing it well?

Altrincham BID keeps its social media activity consistent and inspiring. The BID is actively celebrating the town’s resilience and engaging with its rate and levy payers to support them. Crucially it is providing real support and resources for the businesses it supports, connecting them to government resources and crowdfunders.

It is proactively and reactively communicating and engaging, remaining straightforward, empathetic and at the same time positive.

InExeter succeed in the engagement stakes 

InExeter succeed in the engagement stakes by encouraging nostalgia and pride among residents, supporting local businesses with advice, or showcasing organisations still serving customers. The messages are consumer facing, with a clear benefit in increased awareness and reach for its levy payers. By following businesses within the Maybe* platform InExeter are able to tag businesses, reshare their messages and point them in the direction of real support.

Maybe* in action: How a BID can engage with the conversation about place

Using Maybe* to listen to the conversation about place, such as #Leicester, helps businesses keep their finger on the pulse of what makes locals tick and what they are concerned by. BIDs can use the Maybe* Engagement tool to identify all businesses talking abut #Leicester or any town and city, and engage with their content.

Engaging in the conversation about Leicester would give Leicester’s BID, local government and placemakers the opportunity to connect to real people, gathering real time feedback and immediate pain and pressure points.

Other Maybe* free tools for BIDs

Maybe* Reporting makes it incredibly easy to report on social media activity. The platform also enables users to upload any external data so they can match social media activity, advertising, online spend, offline spend and footfall. Combining data in this way makes it much easier to spot the activity that is driving business results and revenue. BIDs are able to create reports that reveal how social media impacts its business results.

Maybe* Insight tools benchmark the performance of all social media content and highlight the “Best Post” in every location, sector and channel.  This enables BIDs to up their game fast by learning what works. The Maybe* platform provides every BID with access to a set of tools that reveal the content that works, the sentiment of their audience and the people that are influencing their local conversations.

Maybe* Help and Training provides access to a bank of 500+ help articles that are constantly updated and access to live webinars, Facebook events and optional one on one sessions on any selected topic. All training is delivered by trained digital professionals and is videoed  and logged in their Maybe* account. Users can replay sessions at any time that they choose. Maybe* delivers regular case studies that can also be localised for each BID to increase impact.

Maybe* provides a social media engagement solution that helps BIDs listen to topical conversations and manage their own social media communications and engagement and learn from others.

Listen to the relevant social media conversations about your local area and all of your businesses and retailers operating within it to understand what's working well for everyone and how you can do better.

The Maybe* engagement tool allows you to identify, group, prioritise and engage with the voices, conversations and social media users that matter to you. We also provide webinar and remote support for businesses of all sizes through our extensive training tools.

Check out our COVID-19 help centre for tips on staying connected via social media, and managing your business remotely.

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