How we built a queue of hundreds for Urban Outfitters

When Urban Outfitters launched a new venue in Cheltenham at The Brewery Quarter, they wanted to generate a buzz at their opening event and find a way to take those people waiting in-line and convert them to online contacts.

Through the Maybe* platform businesses like Urban Outfitters can build a crowd and turn them into opted-in contacts that you can speak to again and again. Using clever and entertaining technology, the Maybe* platform can deliver online advocates, followers, and friends for your brand.

For the Urban Outfitters launch, Maybe* delivered:

  1. A queue of over 500 people delivered through a targeted Facebook post that had over 4,000 reactions, comments, and shares.
  2. Over 30% of the people in the queue who came because they saw the post on Facebook.
  3. A unique Messenger scan code that shoppers could scan in line that delivered a fun experience, collected contact information and tracked attendance.
  4. A bespoke chatbot that added over 1,500 contacts to a Messenger list and 400 new emails.
  5. Event feedback, which benefits from AI-driven sentiment scoring, that can be shared over social media.

To experience the fun for yourself, simply open the Facebook Messenger App, tap “People” at the bottom right, and then choose “Scan code” top left. Aim your phone at the code below and the chatbot will be fired up. Please note that the chatbot was sent on behalf of The Brewery Quarter, the venue where Urban Outfitters is located.


"Watching people scan the codes and interact with the chatbot is great fun. The delight as they go through the journey is evident both in their reactions and the data we see time and time again"

Emerson Osmond, CCO, Maybe*