How to find the best performing social media post. Focus: Swindon

Earlier this month the pubs and the salons swung open their doors, so in order to show off our Best Performing Post tool, we went on a virtual trip to Swindon and its many roundabouts to see who did the best job engaging punters by creating the best social media post in Swindon. Did retail get a social media look in, or did another industry steal off with the best performing post accolade?

Red House Records is top of the pops

Who doesn’t love a record store? Whitesnake, Liam Gallagher and Black Sabbath classics are all stuffed into the Aladdin’s Cave of musical treasure that is Red House Records.

Knowing full well that a lot of its punters would be headed back to the pubs and salon on Saturday July 4, Red House Records best performing post kept it relevant and timely, offering customers the chance to pop in on their way to the salon or for a pint, or pre-order upcoming releases.

In addition the image was choc full of iconic album covers and musicians in an easy on the eye grid format. The best post was commented on by local community Facebook Group, In Swindon, ensuring the post reached an even bigger audience, and for bonus points it also made use of the #shoplocal hashtag.

How to replicate this technique

Tag in people the post is relevant to or features to try and increase the likelihood of it being shared and visible to a bigger audience.

Don’t be afraid to use emojis in your content, especially relevant ones.

Use hashtags to attract a wider audience, or tag in other businesses, groups or individuals the post may be relevant to, to increase your reach

Iconic imagery, be it film posters, album artwork, heritage snaps of the town, always land an emotional connection with your audience. They’re also great content to frame questions around such as “Do you remember?” or “What’s your favourite?”

Here Amy, Head of Insights at Maybe* shows you how to find the Best Performing Post in a place.

Key takeaway

Knowing your best performing post helps you identify what your audience will respond to best. By exploring the best post in an entire town, or sector, you will build an understanding of what makes your target customer tick and be able to engage them effectively and connect with them more frequently.

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