Social media tips to generate leads from Instagram

String Theory Garage repeatedly feature as one of the most engaged local businesses in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  They talked to Maybe* about how they focus on engaging with every single like, comment, share, story watcher AND ensure that their customer journey shines through to generate leads from Instagram. Read on to discover their social media tips.

Generate leads from Instagram

String Theory Garage was founded by Ben Broke-Smith in 2018. Ben has over 15 years of experience working on cars and competed for several years in British, Irish and European drifting championships, achieving many podium finishes and winning the European championship in 2008. To this day, Ben is a keen driver and attends track days as much as time allows, still spending his free time tinkering with car suspension tuning and wheel alignment, constantly looking to find that little extra improvement.

Ben's diverse driving experience, extensive technical understanding and strong eye for detail are what has led to the success of String Theory Garage today, where hundreds of happy customers have had their cars transformed in the hands of Ben.

"I got into social media a while back, I started up a Youtube channel and it really took off for other car and racing lovers like me. I then built up a successful Instagram with over 10,000 followers and was getting around a 10% engagement ratio so I have just applied my knowledge to String Theory. Most of the customers coming into the garage see their cars like their babies just like we do so we know what works for them content wise" says Ben.

The garage use social media to take a photo of the before, the middle and the after and talk about how and what they have changed for that customer. It encourages people to engage with us because they love cars, it encourages people to ask questions and also to think about what the garage could actually do for them, and in turn generates leads.

Top tip: Make sure you bring to life the care you take of your customers, show before and afters so what a potential customer can expect shines through

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